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FASER / FIBROUS casings are a unique combination of processed cellulose and a special type of paper. These smoke and water vapor permeable casings offer exceptional caliber regularity and very high mechanical strength.
Thanks to these properties, casings are perfectly adapted to all the needs of meat producers. FASER / FIBROUS casings are used in an extremely wide range, starting with hams through smoked meats and various types of steamed, smoked and dried sausages including pepperoni, salami and even smoked cheese. The casing can be stuffed with virtually any type of processed meat. 



The casings are intended for packing hams, smoked meats, steamed, smoked, dried sausages, smoked cheese and sliced products. Most often used for products of the type: Krakow, steamed Krakow, Żywiec, ham, salami.


Very high mechanical strength, smoke and water vapor permeability, caliber stability.


Ø32 - Ø180


colorless, white, cassia, nut, mahogany, bak-nat and others 



Designed to ensure repeatability and efficiency of the production process:

• Exceptional mechanical strength ensures optimal casing stuffing.
• Excellent caliber regularity - ideal for dried sausages and sliced products.
• Thanks to the developed high-performance shirring technology, we offer ready-to-use bars with an increased number of wrinkled casings. This has a positive effect on product safety and increasing the efficiency of the production process. 

Designed for a wide range of applications:

• Special impregnations developed to provide the desired value of adhesion to the stuffing, or easy removal of the casing from the finished product.
• A large variety of colors and calibers for all sizes and types of products. 


• Soaking: FIBROUS casings that have not been pre-moistened should be soaked before use for a minimum
20 min in warm water 27 ° - 38 ° C (80 ° - 100 ° F).
• Stuffing / Clipping: It is important to get the desired clip size and set the correct clip pressure value. The filling diameters listed below are the values recommended by the manufacturer, which may change depending on the type of stuffing used and the type of machine. Stuffing well above the recommended filling diameters (RSD) can cause casing cracking.    

Storage / storage:

We recommend using FIBROUS casings within 2 years of delivery (1 year for pre-moisturized casings). These dates apply only if the casings are properly stored.
Store the FIBROUS casing in a cool, dry place away from heat sources, as well as hot places or subzero areas. Pre-moistened casings should be stored at temperatures from 4 ° to 30 ° C (39 ° - 86 ° F) and should remain in tightly closed (foil) containers until they are used. Unused casings should be stored in hermetically sealed bags and placed back in the carton to maintain the appropriate level of humidity. We recommend using older batches of casings first. To avoid damaging the covers, we do not recommend using knives, sharp tools and hooks to open cartons.